Getting Employees Onboard

A Vital HR Process

Onboarding (from taking someone ‘on-board’) is the mechanism through which new employees acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to fulfill their roles within the organisation effectively. It is also known as ‘organisational socialization’.

Usually for executives and professionals, onboarding is a dynamic process that involves a number of meetings, lectures and/or workshops, often with the aid of printed materials, video and/or PowerPoint presentations and online training. The goal is to better prepare the employee for their new role within the organisation, to foster commitment and loyalty and ultimately engender greater job satisfaction, thus reducing the rate of attrition.

Onboarding is an essential part of the employee life cycle. With this in mind, you’d do well to investigate the various onboarding software applications in the market. Three well worth a look at are Oracle, Bloomfire and cfactor.