With over 1,500 vetted construction workers across Australia, Onboard can fill your urgent need today. And down the track is an even quicker solution: Onboard’s Cloud-based platform. It’s a future you’ll really click with.

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The hiring process

With Onboard, there’s no due process. There’s just “yes” or “no”, and it’s all done. Pick your dream team in seconds and get back to the job.

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Quality hiring

Onboard connects you to a pool of fully vetted worker who are skills-matched to your construction needs.

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Make the paperwork for you

Onboard provide fully managed payroll services. You receive a single weekly invoice per workplace. Not much more to say about the paperwork. There’s hardly any of it.

Sorely missed by nobody.

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The proof is in the people.

Rehiring people who have already proven themselves in your service is easy. For the next project, you just refer back to your Onboard job history – all staff details are right there, including your feedback. See five stars within reach? Indeed. Come back here!

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