Creating the optimal workforce and minimising the cost of doing business asks a lot. You want the right person for the right job, yes. But you also want to match your staff numbers to the peaks and troughs in demand. You want to ensure hassle-free management of workers whilst they’re on the job. And you want to avoid any time-wasting contractual discussions. How do you do all that?

With Onboard.

Hire a team member

Urgency doesn’t do 9-5

Well outside of business hours, you realise that you are going to need extra people to meet a deadline. This would spell the end to a relaxing night for many business owners and managers. As for yourself, however, you simply open your Onboard app and enter specifications for the staff required.

Done. And the night is still young!

The hiring processed

Within minutes, your screen comes to life with Onboard notifications: you’ve received several applications for each of the various jobs. Scrolling through the candidates, the clear interface makes it easy for you to select staff based on their skills, licences, work history and reviews. You pick your dream team, click “hire” and start thinking about dessert.

Hire a team member

management: click, click,

Out on site, there’s lots to do. Just not when it comes to worker management. You and your team don’t have to fill out any time sheets or keep track of who’s who and who’s where. It’s all in the Cloud-based Onboard app. One click to approve the time sheet submitted by the worker, and that’s that. Next!

Make the paperwork for you

Onboard provide fully managed payroll services. You receive a single weekly invoice per workplace. Not much more to say about the paperwork. There’s hardly any of it.

Sorely missed by nobody.

Hire a team member

The proof is in the people.

Rehiring people who have already proven themselves in your service is easy. For the next project, you just refer back to your Onboard job history – all staff details are right there, including your feedback. See five stars within reach? Indeed. Come back here!

Fed up with “the story of
my life”? Rewrite it.

You keep getting bogged down in paperwork for PAYG employees and contractors. You run out of time. You start wishing that each day had 30 hours. Then 36. Then 50.

Is this Ground Hog Day? Or is it simply a challenge that is beyond what’s human(e)ly possible? Tasks like these are best left to machines.

With Onboard, you start an entirely new chapter. The intelligence of Onboard’s programming draws on almost two decades of experience in trades and business; it’s a system that automates just about everything that can be automated, giving you the time and peace of mind to make the decisions that truly matter. Because we know what it can be like out there.

Your future success story is spelt in ones and zeros.

Welcome to Onboard.