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Whether you are assembling a crew for a lengthy construction project, or if you are simply looking for replacement staff to get you over some temporary absences from your team, the importance of knowing where to secure labour hire in Geelong cannot be understated. 

Every job that your company undertakes is an opportunity to prove its capabilities, and each one inevitably feeds into the reputation that you have in the industry. As such, it makes sense to improve your chances of impressing by aligning with a superior agency that attracts the best of workers.

At Onboard, we are proud to say that we have over 20 years of experience to our name. We have worked across all trades in the construction industry and have earned our reputation as one of the leading providers of highly-skilled labour hire. We want the process of finding and securing the very best workers to complement your team to be simple. As such, we have invested in an end-to-end digital management system that streamlines all aspects of hiring and tracking new workers.

We promote an administration-free service to our clients because we understand how important your work is and the need to focus your energies on effective planning and execution. With our help, you can take on any challenge with confidence and benefit from the diverse skills of our fantastic candidates.

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On paper, finding and hiring new workers is simple. There is a big difference between knowing a worker personally and understanding the skills they have from experience, versus taking a chance on a worker that claims to have certain skills and competencies. 

Here at Onboard, as one of the most well-recognised labour hire companies serving Geelong, we are often the difference between a project being delivered on time or not. We can help you address the specific needs that you face from one day to the next. We know that it’s not always a viable strategy to hire a new employee simply to get you through a busy patch, and we understand the investment of time and money that amounts to.

Our role in the construction industry is to make it possible for you to quickly identify the best workers available and retain them with minimal hassle. We achieve this by assessing and vetting each of the candidates that we believe can deliver value to our clients. We also look after the entire payroll process, so that you don’t have to spend any time setting them up on your system.

There are countless great candidates on our site throughout the year, some of whom are between jobs and looking for a great opportunity, others who have specialised skills but are planning to move cities and need temporary work to bridge their employment gap. You will find an impressive array of talent in our database and best of all, they are ready to work when you need them.

All the tools to get the job done.

24/7 access to large pool of qualified workers.

Completely scalable; hiring 100 is easy as hiring 1

All workers vetted and fully insured

Fair work and Australian Awards Compliant

Dedicated account manager

Cloud-based software for mobile businesses

GPS logged time sheets and two-hour cancellation policy

All work on one invoice & no wages to pay

Tried, Tested and Trusted Labour Workers in Geelong

Whether you wish to supplement your current workforce, or if you need specialised workers to complete specific elements of the project like carpentry labour or electrial labour hire, rest assured that you will find who you need when you need them here at Onboard.

We are the tried, tested and trusted labour hire provider to Geelong where convenience is a key part of our value proposition. So, for 24/7 access to handpicked construction workers, look no further. Call or log in to your account today.

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