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Temporary Labour Hire Melbourne

It is important at the start of any project that as many eventualities are taken into consideration and appropriate plans are put into place. Workers on sites experience fatigue, particularly under tight deadlines or where the duration of the project extends over many months. There are plenty of different scenarios that can lead to absenteeism within your team, so it is worthwhile to have temporary labour-hire options in Melbourne that you can trust and depend upon to plug any gap when it arises.

At Onboard, we have a proven track record for facilitating civil labour hire with diverse skills and competencies for companies of all sizes, and on short notice. We appreciate the importance of having quality replacements that are ready to step in and fill the shoes of absent workers. We also know that for any construction company that wants to consistently meet the demands of their project and stay on schedule, having a service available that can help you scale your manpower is invaluable.

We believe in delivering for both our workers and clients. Our service is Fair Work and Australian Awards compliant and it is designed to make the process of securing the very best talent in the market easy.

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While there is no doubt that the construction industry has its fair share of underqualified and inexperienced workers, it would be a mistake to assume that these are the kind of tradespersons that populate the databases of temporary labour-hire services, such as ours here at Onboard.

Our experience over the past 20 years affords us the kind of insight into the market that few companies truly have an understanding of. We know that there are plenty of workers that are looking for specific, niche employment opportunities and do not want to waste their time working in other areas. These specialised workers benefit from our service since we can connect them with work that affords them the chance to refine and further enhance their skills.

There is no question that the levels of skill between different workers in this industry can vary quite a bit. However, at Onboard we strive to carry out due diligence on each prospect to determine where their skills lie and which roles they would be suited to. This time-intensive process spares our clients the need to assess candidates and empowers them to trust in our proven methods.

The value that our service adds to each client that we assist is unrivalled. Cloud-based time-sheets, GPS logged time-sheets, single invoice, no wages to pay, a dedicated account manager and 24/7 access to a comprehensive pool of talent are just some of the many features that complement our experience in connecting the best candidates with the right clients. 

All the tools to get the job done.

24/7 access to large pool of qualified workers.

Completely scalable; hiring 100 is easy as hiring 1

All workers vetted and fully insured

Fair work and Australian Awards Compliant

Dedicated account manager

Cloud-based software for mobile businesses

GPS logged time sheets and two-hour cancellation policy

All work on one invoice & no wages to pay

Our Temporary Labour Hire Service Gives You Back Your Time

You plan at the beginning of each job because you know just how important it is to meet schedules, both for you and the stakeholders involved. Taking the time to identify and create an account with a worthy, proven agency that delivers exceptional temporary labour-hire services in Melbourne is an investment that will stand you in good stead going forward.

At Onboard, we are committed to improving outcomes for our clients. With our resources, local knowledge and extensive database of superior casual labour hire, you can take your company to new heights and face any eventuality that comes to pass with confidence.

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